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About Aakar Academy

Rated among the top institutions in Pune, Aakar Academy of Management and Technology is one of the well-known and approach-to brands for professionals who want to add wings to their growth. The institute, popularly known as AAMT holds specialization in providing training related to Salesforce, Cyber Security, Telecom and IT software training.

At, Aakar Academy of Management and Technology we own to build a better and knowledge-equipped resource for the newer generation and thus are committed in enriching our students with the knowledge that is in demand for the growth of their careers at an accelerated rate. AAMT also holds specialisation in offering courses related to HR and Business Development and thus focuses on the overall growth of the prospects.

Since a majority of our courses tend to be job-oriented and company-endorsed programs, these courses are practical-Demonstrative programs with certifications and 100% Placement Assurance. We offer courses as per your flexibility and thus serve you with the option of opting for training at your institution, at the place of your comfort (E-Learning) and also you can visit our institution.

AAMT is a perfect choice on the part of every individual who aspires to accelerate the growth in their careers through the means of addition of skills through the means of our job-oriented technical programs. The institute also holds suitable for individual for the individuals who have taken a break from their professional careers and thus are looking forward to restart it. So, are you ready to add wings to your career with AAMT!

AAMT stands committed in providing resource-based and job oriented career programs that hold higher demand in the market. With our resourceful faculty you will experience an umbrella of skills and will also find yourself equipped with the best of the resource around you.

Core Values

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and learning professionals by understanding their needs and the existing demands in the market. We believe in breaking the barriers of stagnant learning and focus on the current trends persisting in the market and curate our syllabus accordingly.


We thrive every single day to nurture newer talents and thus aim to become the most trusted brand in India.


We aim to become the bridge between the existing demand in the market and supplying the necessary manpower. We tend to fill this gap by providing essential training, and consultancy services and by creating opportunities in the segment of mechanical industry, IT industry, and service industry.